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Below are just a few ways we support our clients. Our packages are always customized to your unique requirements and flexible enough to adjust as you evolve, we're also on hand to steer you towards getting the most out of our services, setting you up for success.

For Businesses

  • Digital document filing & organization

  • Meeting agenda preparation

  • HR and recruiting assistance

  • Operations assistance

  • Bookkeeping assistance 

  • Legal paperwork assistance

  • Website and social media updates

  • Curate content and ideas 

  • Proofreading, editing, and data entry

  • Tradeshows assistance 

  • Events assistance 

  • Holiday & office parties assistance

For Executives

  • Calendar and schedule management 

  • Meeting coordination 

  • Travel arrangements + itineraries

  • Project management

  • Task prioritization 

  • Inbox organization + optimization

  • Manage your LinkedIn

  • Coordinate networking and fundraising events

  • Professional correspondence on your behalf

  • Work/life balance assistance 

  • Solve your business and personal problems 

For Individuals

  • Research vendors for your projects

  • Birthday reminders + gift purchasing

  • Accounts and bill management

  • Lifestyle management 

  • Vacation and restaurant reservations

  • Assistance with refunds, exchanges, etc

  • Manage staff and vendors for your properties 

  • Keep you organized in all life areas

  • Assist your family members/friends 

  • Streamline all your accounts 

  • Tailored  HNWI support

  • Personal budgeting assistance 

...and SO MUCH MORE. Reach out today, and let's chat about how we can take the stress off your shoulders.

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